From the pre-purchase and design phases to the construction and post-construction phases, our staff provides exceptional customer service every step of the way.

Professionally Prepared Proposals

It is our experience that most non-geotechnical clients, engineers and consultants do not have enough information and expertise to design a cost effective site characterization program. Therefore, we prefer to do our homework and develop a program for the specific project needs, which is then incorporated into a detailed proposal. Our recommended scope of services may be different than off-the-shelf guidelines. This website briefly explains the importance of a professional prepared scope of services, but please consult us for specific applications. Our fees are competitive for equivalent competent professional services.

Preliminary Geotechnical Services

For larger projects, we recommend doing a preliminary geotechnical site characterization to identify factors that will impact overall project planning and budgeting. For example, in shallow rock areas, it may be necessary to minimize excavation depths to control expenses. In soft Miocene soils, it is preferable to leave enough sand and gravel in place to support buildings. At shallow groundwater sites, basement grades should be set above groundwater elevations and/or the groundwater control system should be carefully designed.

Environmental Site Assessments

Site assessments are needed for the purchaser to meet legal standards for due diligence and to identify environmental problems that may impact property use and development. Environmental clean-up can be costly in terms of time and money. It is advisable to address these issues before purchase and early in the project planning stages.

Geotechnical Design Phase Services

We typically provide these services after property acquisition and selection of the design team. Typical information we need includes: client contact; project concept plans including location and elevation of proposed buildings and pavements; type and location of storm water management facilities; preliminary structural loads; and description.

tieback wall designwall section design

Left: Underpinning and tieback wall stabilization plans. Right: A typical gravity retaining wall plan.
We do many different types of design plans. These examples and cannot be used for construction.

Construction Phase Services

Unanticipated subsurface conditions are always a possibility and may lead to extra costs and delays during construction. Professional Consulting Corporation offers continuity of professional services to help the client through the entire construction process.

constructionconstructionconstruction-Geopier rig

Forensic and Expert Witness Services

We have provided these services on a variety of issues including: excessive settlement, foundation failure, retaining or basement wall failure, landslides, water intrusion, flood damage, pavement damage, sinkholes and other subsurface problems.